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Join Us for Coral Bleaching Awareness Month


This month (November) is the first ever Coral Bleaching Awareness Month 🪸 About time, huh?

Coral bleaching is occurring at an alarming rate, and it’s our ocean’s desperate cry for help. Which is why we’re gathering our alliance of influencers to promote awareness around the world. Everyone has a role to play, no matter how big or small, and your role is to join our campaign and help us reach the masses.

For the month of November, we've brought together influencers, photographers, NGOs, and ocean-lovers everywhere to promote awareness of coral bleaching. You should join us too!

Here's the Plan...

Bleach Your Logo With Us for the Month of November

All month long, our alliance is "bleaching" their logos in solidarity for coral reef conservation and in honor of Coral Bleaching Awareness month.

Pair your logo with the caption, “Life is better in color,” along with #coralbleachingawareness, #ForCoral, and a link to We built this resource to give your audience tangible ways to take action.

(Need help bleaching your logo? Email us a vector version at, and we'll take care of it)

Bleached CORAL Logo

No logo? No problem.

Share a Bleached Coral Image

You can find unique coral bleaching images below.

Just as above, pair your image with the caption, “Life is better in color,” along with #coralbleachingawareness, #ForCoral, and a link to We built this resource to give your audience tangible ways to take action.

More caption options include, "coral bleaching doesn't always mean the death of corals. By taking action now, we can help corals adapt to rising temperatures and endure bleaching events to come."

Bleached Coral - square
Bleached Coral - tall

What's next?

Post Reminders and Share Our Bleaching Content

We've lined up some great content for Coral Bleaching Awareness Month, and have added photos below to give you easy content to share or spark ideas 🐠

  • November 1st - Bleach Logos and Share Bleaching Photo
    As mentioned above, include "Life is better in color," #coralbleachingawareness, #ForCoral, and

  • November 14th - Mid-Month Check-In
    Keep the momentum alive by sharing a mid-month update with your audience

  • November 28th - Giving Tuesday 
    Encourage $5 donations to help coral reefs adapt in the face of increased bleaching events. We're calling it #FiveForCoral ✋

  • Throughout November
    Expect a steady stream of shareable content designed to educate and inspire action against coral bleaching

New call-to-action

Do It For the Corals

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please email Kate and Kat at, and we'll be more than happy to help.

From everyone here at CORAL, thank you for joining this campaign. We can't do it without you, and the coral reefs will be better off because of you.