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Coral Reefs Can Survive Bleaching...If We Let Them

Coral bleaching isn't always the end, and the time to take action is NOW. Keep scrolling to learn about bleaching, individual action, and help us spread the word. Help influence dive shops and tour operators, curb ocean pollution, change policy, and support proven solutions.

Thank you for joining us for the first annual Coral Bleaching Awareness month 🪸

Learn About Coral Bleaching Solutions 

Photo by Valentina Cucchiara - Puerto-Morelos-Limones

Check Out Coral Bleaching: Toolkit & Comprehensive Guide

Our science team created this resource to consolidate bleaching information from around the world, including an overview of bleaching, monitoring tools, a checklist for dive shops and tour operators, and a glimpse into the future of coral reefs. 
Herbivore Fish and Coral Reef Health

The Importance of Herbivore Fish in Coral Reef Health

Read about the pivotal role herbivorous fish play in maintaining the delicate balance that sustains these vibrant reefs. Coral reefs are essential to the health of our oceans and our planet, and a big step forward is protecting fish populations.
Photo by Kellon Spencer

Why Water Quality Matters for Coral Reefs

Dive into the nuances of how clean water influences every aspect of life in coral ecosystems. From oxygen levels and temperature regulation to nutrient balance and pollution, water quality is key to helping corals survive bleaching events and adapt to warmer temperatures. 

Share the Coral Bleaching Checklist with Managers and Dive Operators

Does your local dive shop have this checklist? Detailing what to do before, during, and after a bleaching event, these action items make a world of a difference for corals under heat stress.

Double Check Your Sunscreen

14,000 tons of sunscreen enters the ocean every year.

Unfortunately, labels like "reef-safe" or "reef-friendly" aren't regulated, so it's up to each of us to make sure we're doing right by the ocean with each bottle we purchase.

Click below to read our recommendations for (and reasonings behind) choosing reef-safe sunscreen. One of our personal favorites is Project Reef 🪸

Project Reef Suncare

Help Us Bring Color Back to Coral Reefs

Spread the Word

Because if Reefs Go, WE Go

We know that local interventions are effective. CORAL scientists and partners are witnessing severe bleaching of 90-100% of corals in areas with poor water quality as opposed to 60-70% in regions where we have implemented strategies to ensure reefs have clean water to thrive.

Invest in the Future of Coral Reefs

Make a donation to the Coral Reef Alliance. Whether it's $5, $500, or $5,000, every penny adds up to tangible action for change. Our strategies are working, now let's get them implemented worldwide.

We can't do it without you.